Men’s Sex Addiction and Multiple Addiction Support Group

This group provides a safe place to connect with other men who have struggled with sexual compulsive behaviors and have not been able to stop on their own. While seldom diagnosed and treated, 10% of men have found to be struggling with sexual compulsivity that is negatively impacting their lives. This group provides a forum to open up about your unique and common struggles. It is a place to disclose many of the secrets you have been carrying to a group that will understand and support you. The goal for the group is to maintain  awareness of self defined sexual sobriety, emotional sobriety, accountability and personal integrity. Meets Tuesday evenings from 5:45 to 7:15 by appointment only.

Partners of Sex Addicts Support Group

The Partner’s of Sex Addicts deal with profound confusion, pain, betrayal and shame as they learn about the addicts behaviors.Partners of sex addicts doubt themselves and their reality. They wonder if they are “blowing things out of proportion”. This is often reinforced by the sex addicts who are not being accountable for their problematic behaviors and deflect the truth through lies and manipulation of both their own reality and that of their partners. This group will help Partner’s heal and gain their own space of emotional sobriety. It is designed as a safe place to share their story and get support from other women who understand and will not judge them for the experience.  Sex addiction is an intimacy disorder and partner’s feel alone and confused. This group will help partners break the isolation, develop healthy boundaries, make good life choices, gain clarity and claim their own emotional sobriety. To meet the high demand I am running two separate Partners of Sex Addicts Support Groups. One meets Tuesdays 11:30-1:00 and the other meets  Wednesdays 11:30-1:00. Both are by appointment only.